Beach Towels

There is no need to take bath towels to the beach. The guides will provide beach towels during island excursions, and they will collect them before you return to the vessel.

Cabin Service

Room service is not available, but will be provided in the event of passenger illness.

Coffee, Tea and Snacks

Coffee, tea and snacks are complimentary and available at all times in the reception area. After each excursion snacks and fresh juices are served in the reception area or in the lounge.

Comment Cards

The night before the end of the cruise, the Cruise Director will issue comment cards to be filled out. We appreciate the time you take to complete this questionnaire, because it is through your comments and suggestions that we can continuously improve our service. Please deposit the completed comment card inside the box provided for this purpose. Neither the guides nor the crewmembers have access to the comment cards; our Galapagos office manager will open the box after you disembark.

Communication / Internet

  • Celebrity Xperience and Celebrity Xploration have a speaker system in all cabins and public areas. This cannot be turned off due to international safety regulations.
  • There are internal phones for communication between cabins, as well as calls to reception, the bridge and the resident MD on Celebrity Xperience.
  • If you need to contact your home or office for any emergency, Celebrity Xperience and Celebrity Xploration are equipped with a satellite phone. The cost of your call can be paid directly on board. We will inform you, prior to calling, of the current price of an international call.
  • On the day of your visit to Puerto Ayora, internet service is available in town, and national and international phone calls can be made through the local telephone company.
  • Celebrity Xperience offers satellite internet service; passengers can access the Wi-Fi network in the social areas by purchasing one of the Internet plans on board.
  • Due to the remoteness of the islands, the connection can be intermittent.
  • Celebrity Xploration does not offer satellite internet service.

Dress Code

We pride ourselves on an informal "non-cruise" atmosphere aboard Celebrity Xperience and Celebrity Xploration. While you might like to change out of your beach clothes for dinner, you won´t need a wardrobe any dressier than smart-casual. 

Drinking Water

As part of our continued effort to protect the environment, all guests will receive a complimentary water bottle upon arrival, and refill stations are available throughout the vessel.

Electrical Current

Celebrity Xperience:  All cabins have both 110 & 220 volt electrical outlets.

Celebrity Xploration:  All cabins have 110 volt electrical outlets. There are 220 volt electrical outlets in the dining room.


All meals are served buffet style in the al fresco dining area or in the dining room


We are often asked what gratuity is appropriate for guides and crew. Our response is that the quality of service should determine the amount of any tip. Crew gratuities often range from US$120-$200 per week per passenger, to be divided among all the crewmembers. Gratuities for guides are considered to be separate, ranging from US$40-$80 per week per passenger.

Please bear in mind that this is merely a suggestion, since we believe that gratuities are a very personal matter.


Cabins are serviced three times a day. If you decide to stay on board please let us have access to your cabin at your convenience.


No keys for the cabins are provided; valuables can be stored in your cabin’s safety deposit box.

Laundry Service

Celebrity Xperience offers a laundry service during the cruise. Items will be returned within 24 hours.

Celebrity Xploration does not offer a laundry service on board, but we can use local laundry facilities in Puerto Ayora on Thursday.

On-board Payments

At the beginning of the cruise you will be given a magnectic card for registering any alcoholic beverages during the trip. The total bill should be paid at the end of the cruise in US dollars. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payments over US$50.00. Passengers do not need to carry cash on board, and bills should be paid the evening before the last day of the cruise, in order to avoid any inconvenience on the day of disembarking.

Tax & Service Information

Prices include all taxes.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is forbidden inside Celebrity Xperience and the Celebrity Xploration. It is, however, permitted in the al fresco dining area and on the Sun Deck.

Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages

All soft drinks are complimentary on board Celebrity Xperience and Celebrity Xploration. Virgin cocktails and alcoholic beverages are not included.


Celebrity Xperience has two desalination systems that produce 6,000 gallons of water per day. Celebrity Xploration has an automated desalination system that produces 1,600 gallons of water per day. There is enough water for daily consumption, but we do request that passengers conserve as much water as possible.

Safety On Board

Once on board the crew will perform a safety drill. Please be sure to check exactly where the life vests are located in your cabin. Memorize your way to deck in case an emergency should arise. Life vests are provided while riding in the motorized dinghies to and from the islands, and they must be worn by passengers and employees at all times.

Always hold a guide or crewmember’s hand while embarking or disembarking, since the boat ladder and deck may be wet, and rocks on dry landings are often slippery. All handheld items must be handed first to the crewmembers, so that both hands are free for embarking & disembarking. Remain seated in the dinghy until directed, and always hold the nearest grab line. Furthermore, take care when walking on the boat’s deck while navigating, especially in rough seas.

It is important for us to verify that all our passengers are on board prior to departure from visitor sites. The only way we can do this is by using a checklist. Please sign in upon returning from every visit.

Guests should be in good physical health in order to be able to make the most of their Galapagos cruise, due to the fact that the daily nature hikes may include walking on irregular and elevated terrain. Furthermore, getting in and out of the motorized dinghies occasionally requires some physical effort and some of the landings are on wet and slippery lava rocks.

If a passenger suffers from any medical condition, we advise him/her to consult a physician prior to booking the cruise.

A Typical Day On Board

The day begins early with a wakeup call at around 06:45 am. Breakfast is usually served between 07:00 and 07:30, followed by the first land excursion at 08:00.

Lunch is usually served at 12:30, followed by sunbathing or a siesta while you cruise to the next visitor site. At around 15:00 passengers disembark for the afternoon excursion, returning between 17:30 and 18:00. Each evening before dinner there is a lecture and briefing. Dinner is served around 19:30.

Celebrity Xperience: For land excursions, groups of no more than 12 visitors are led by a naturalist guide certified by the Galapagos National Park Service. This policy is intended to reduce the impact on the islands’ fragile ecosystems while providing a sense of solitude and privacy on the islands.

Celebrity Xploration: Due to the size of the vessel, we assign one naturalist guide for the 16 guests on board.