Natural Events

• Land birds start nesting, usually after the first rain

• On Española Island, adult male marine iguanas become brightly colored

• Green sea turtles land on beaches to lay eggs

• Land iguanas on Isabela Island begin their reproductive cycle


Natural Events

• White-cheeked pintails begin their breeding season

• Nazca boobies on Española Island are at the end of their nesting season

• Marine iguanas nest on Santa Cruz Island

• Peak of the Galapagos dove nesting season

• Greater flamingos start nesting on Floreana Island


Natural Events

• Marine iguanas nest on Fernandina and North Seymour Islands

• Frigatebird mating season begins on San Cristobal and Genovesa Islands

• Waved albatrosses begin to arrive on Española Island

• Ideal time for snorkeling


Natural Events

• Mass arrival of waved albatrosses on Española Island, and the beginning of their courtship

• Hatching season of giant tortoises ends

• Sea turtle eggs begin to hatch

• Land iguanas  hatch on Isabela Island


Natural Events

• Sea turtles hatching in Gardner Bay & Puerto Egas

• Blue-footed boobies begin their courtship ritual

• Waved albatrosses on    Española Island begin to     lay their eggs

• Band-rumped storm petrels begin their first nesting period

• Marine iguana eggs hatch on Santa Cruz Island

• Palo santo trees begin to shed their foliage


Natural Events

• Giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island migrate from the highlands to the lowlands in search of suitable nesting places

• Beginning of giant tortoise nesting season

• Humpback whales pass through on their migratory route

• Birds migrating north can be seen 


Natural Events

• Sea bird communities start nesting

• Start of sea lion breeding season

• Whales and dolphins are more likely to be seen, especially off the coast of Isabela Island

• Lava lizards begin their mating ritual


Natural Events

• Galapagos hawks begin courting on Española and Santiago Islands

• Frigatebird chicks begin to hatch

• Giant tortoises return to the highlands of Santa Cruz Island

• First sea lion pups are born


Natural Events

• Galapagos penguins begin to show remarkable activity on Bartolomé Island

• Baby sea lions are very active

• Most sea birds remain quite active at their nesting sites


Natural Events

• Lava herons begin nesting

• Galapagos fur sea lions begin their mating season

• Boobies raise their chicks on Española and Isabela Islands


Natural Events

• Whale sharks sightings possible in the northwestern islands

• Brown noddy breeding season begins

• Band-rumped storm petrels begin their second nesting period


Natural Events

• Giant tortoise eggs begin to hatch

• Green sea turtles display mating behavior

• First waved albatross fledglings appear on Española Island

• Birds migrating south can be seen

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