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Jennifer and Dan Pletsch, USA February 2016

"Hola! We are heading home from spending this past week enjoying time on the M/V Eclipse.

We wanted to say thank you so much for a beautiful, memorable week. Every detail was taken care of thoughtfully. The boat is lovely and so comfortable. George made sure our cabin was always in good shape. The whole crew was great - so friendly and attentive."

Nick Witte,USA December 2015

"My cabin was great, the showers and bathrooms were great. No complaints at all..." 

Kristie Marcelle, USA

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Roy Kadlan, USA July 2015

"Outstanding service "

Heather Kronner, USA June 2015 

"The staff is very professional and eager to help "

Charles Pozzi, USA May 2015

"When I signed up for my second trip I wondered if I would enjoy it as much as the first. Sort of like seeing a movie a second time. I was not disappointed! Every Island was different from the first trip so it was like being there for the first time. The Eclipse Crew was outstanding, very professional and dedicated to their guests. The food was very good with an endless variety of ethnic dishes. Of course the wildlife was everywhere"


Van Perrine, Chicago USA February 2016

"Everything was excellent service, food, drink, accomodations, excursions and education..."

Susie Collins, USA December 2015

"We would love to come back and bring our friends... Perfect Service..." 


Moss Page, USA July 2015

"Food was outstanding, I loved the variety of choices"

Goldfar Jhon, USA June 2015

"An excellent crew and great service"

Melanie Goddard, USA May 2015

"The Crew was amazing, I couldn´t ask for more in this trip"

Marian & Dick Bott, USA February 2015

“The service was wonderful, we could not have asked for better treatment”

Judy Milick, New Zealand, January 2015

“Beyond expectations, the crew are so enthusiastic and passionate about their jobs. We learned so much, we had a wonderful experience”

Karen and Sthepen Liptrop, Canada, January 2015

“I´m not sure how he did it without being seen, but the cabin boy always kept our cabin perfect… Thank You”