• Conservation

Celebrity Xperience and Celebrity Xploration operate under two equally important guidelines: to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers at all times, and to protect the integrity of the fragile Galapagos environment. Both our vessels are certified within the Rainforest Alliance “Smart Voyager” program.

The following environmentally friendly practices have been implemented on board Celebrity Xperience and Celebrity Xploration:

  • Special filters in engines in order to reduce the need to change oil & lubricants
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • On-board desalination plant
  • Special equipment for the adequate treatment of organic waste
  • Separation of waste material and its correct disposal
  • Biodegradable cleaning materials, guest shampoos and soaps
  • Complimentary water bottles, with refill stations available throughout the vessel
  • Crew trained in environmentally responsible operating practices

For your information our EIA environmental responsibility: https://1drv.ms/b/s!ArgVSBgyyRhGciCKTMCFrgeSYdk