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Ocean Adventures Galapagos, Ecuador

Welcome to Ocean Adventures and the trip of a lifetime! Join us as we cruise the Galapagos Islands, exploring ancient lava fields, volcanic peaks, crystal clear bays and white sandy beaches, all home to unique and abundant wildlife - above and below the waves. Our vessels, the Celebrity Xperience and Celebrity Xploration, take guests on unforgettable expeditions to some of the most remote and pristine areas of the archipelago, all with our trademark brand of hospitality

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Family Departures are selected cruises during the year that intermix discovery with entertainment for the whole family. Cleverly planned activities are set into the daily agenda that allow children to learn about the magic and mysteries of the Enchanted Islands. This is an excellent chance for them to become familiar with fantastic and unique species, to comprehend evolution and other topics of interest

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The Celebrity Xperience’s Photo Expedition offers guests of every interest level incomparable photography opportunities.  Beginners, amateurs and photo enthusiasts in general can team up with Boyd Hendrikse and pick up on tips that go beyond simply snapping pictures to creating pictures. Jonathan´s workshops inspire and help develop skills, so that when you return home, you´ll have the shots that make a difference in-a-once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands.